Plenty of audio mischief on this edition of the Frequency Horizon, in the form of a lo-fi sheen, moody tracks, cinematic songs and upbeat kickers.

-Music from Tame Impala, Branko, Holycene, Rhyming in Fives, Waveshaper
-Track of the week >> “Ocean Beat” by Tosca
-An original experimental rap created and performed in Tofino by Ville Frojd, fused with analog and digital mayhem for the broadcast
-Two poem readings from longtime Frequency Horizon follower Indigo~Sky’s work (check them out at

Also: Patches the dog was electrocuted after chewing on a power cord. Luckily he was saved, but his owner, one of our Frequency Horizon listeners, now faces a $3,000 medical bill.

Please click on this Go Fund Me campaign to learn more and help out!

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